What is the expected life time of Unada EC Motors?

What is the expected lifetime of Unada EC Motors?

On the commercial side, we are no different from other motor manufacturers and we default to the bearing life data which typically quotes a 45,000 hour L10 life. This is what our official lifetime claim is against our warranty. The calculated estimate is greater than 90,000 hrs L10 life.   

Bearing life: if we use this as the limiting factor then we can state that for the same load under the same conditions the UNADA motor bearings will outlast most of our competitors because we are using a 608 bearing (OD22mm x 7mm), whereas our competitors typically are using 607 or 626 bearings (OD19 x 6mm). The second most important factor is the electronics and specifically the electrolytic capacitors. We use high end Japanese capacitors with a 105 degrees rating.

The most important data of all is the field failure rate. For what is now a large installed population of motors over the last 4 years Unada's field failure rate is below 200ppm. This is a very small number consistent with our life test Weibull distribution curves.

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