What degree pitch is the fan blade on Penta Fanpack?

What degree pitch is the fan blade on Penta Fanpack?

Unada Penta pack is approx. 26 degree pitch. 

However, we shouldn't get to hooked on this when comparing metal blade to plastic blade is like comparing an axe to a wood splitter.

The PENTA blade geometry is aerofoil with a complex surface area so pitch is only one aspect of air delivery. To help in your understanding speed for speed Penta is closer in approximation to a 37 degree steel blade. See enclosed to learn more.

Penta delivers this same airflow for 2 to 3W less power (15 to 20% saving)

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      Penta Fan Blade MaterialMaterial PP (Polypropylene) 20% Glass Filled with additives.  The Penta material has been designed for rigidity over a wide temperature range and high impact resistance formula originating from the automotive industry and ...
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      We offer two versions of fan assembly Economy Fan Assembly The traditional economy fan assembly component level assembly, consisting of motor, basket, and impeller. We can supply customers with the exact fan assembly which they are currently ...
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      Yes, Unada has a special design of Fan Packs that the fan blade falls below the shroud.  Visit our website to learn more about Unada Fan Packs. Unada Fanpack
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      Unada is the World leaders in efficiency and low noise fanpacks in 6, 7, 8, and 9 inch. Independent testing shows noise output 3dBA lower than our nearest competitor. To learn more about Unada Patented Penta Fanpacks visit our website UNADA will ...