Does Unada offer a global voltage EC Motor?

Does Unada offer a global voltage EC Motor?

Yes, Unada UC12 (FM124809XX / FM124709XX) is a global voltage motor. 

Use the link below to learn more about UC12 and its benefits for your applications and business.

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    • Is UC1 a global voltage EC motor?

      UC1 is not global voltage. At this power the only way to make a motor universal (Global) voltage is to have it low voltage and have a universal power supply feeding it.
    • Do you offer EC motors that are dual voltage?

      Yes, our UC12 motor is dual voltage. The UC+, UC FLY, UCSM, and UC1 are all single voltage. UC12 Specification Sheet
    • What sizes of EC motors does Unada offer?

      Our current EC series includes motors up to 60W output power. Please see our UC Series page for more information.
    • Are EC motors compatible with hydrocarbon (R290) refrigerants?

      Not all EC motors are compatible with hydrocarbon refrigerants. Unada offers "HC compatible" versions of our UC refrigeration fan motors. Per UL requirements, these are “non-sparking,” and approved for use with hydrocarbon refrigerant charges up to ...
    • How do EC motors work?

      EC Motors work when two magnetic fields, one created by the rotor and one by the stator, push on each other. The way these fields are created and controlled vary by motor type: ●     EC motors use permanent magnets to create the rotor field and coils ...