Unada’s open protocol HVM full variable speed motor

Can you tell me more about Unada’s open protocol HVM full variable speed motor?

A Better World Through Open Communication

The Product

Around 25 years ago as an industry we started to make strong inroads toward reducing energy using ECM motors. In the United States great companies like GE led the charge with a wide range of product development in this field and trademarked the acronym ECM. Since then we have come a long way and although the fundamental motor efficiency targets have been for a long time reached we are now pushing the system boundaries with improved fan efficiency, variable speed technology, airflow mapping, and sensor inputs in the quest to not only improve efficiency but also deliver better products. Products with lower noise, smaller footprints, and improved control. All these improvements are efforts toward the global vision of sustainability.

Unada’s latest product solution, Unada open protocol HVM motors use off the shelf system controllers, such as a standard temperature thermostat to provide fully variable speed control of the motor with two way communication. The open protocol allows OEM’s to design product that truly meets their desired customization with regulatory approved components (eg., UL/CSA) and enables the system to be connected to a communications backbone without any additional cost to the hardware involved. The result is the true expertise of the refrigeration OEM’s is enabled to take the next leap in system efficiency and product design for a better world.


The Value Proposition

The differentiation of this product over the competition is it delivers the features of communication and fully variable speed at no added system cost. This is truly unique. Furthermore the open protocol  allows the OEM to choose from a  variety of available off the shelf components and thus avoiding greedy profit margins that only slows the adoption of new technology and the availability of better products. The system flexibility enables the ongoing product development in the field and for customization of the product in the factory or on site in the end customers application. This flexibility greatly speeds up the development process, improves reliability, enables onsite customization at little to no extra cost.  

The Change

The UNADA HVM with open protocol communication is a disruptive technology as it puts the product development freedom back into the refrigeration designers hands. The tools enable the developer to design the refrigeration algorithms to suit the product and the application without relying on the component suppliers to provide a system solution. UNADA goal is to empower its customers to develop better product faster and more cost effectively so that we can all enjoy the benefits of better products in a better world.